Why Outsource? Pre-Employment Background Screening

Wouldn’t it be faster and cheaper to perform background checks in-house, rather than outsourcing them? Since Human Resource Professional (HRP) are use to controlling every other aspect of the hiring process – from developing job descriptions, posting the job, recruiting that person, and actually conducting interviews – such an idea is can be very tempting.

By outsourcing employment-screening services, a HRP is relieved of many time-consuming and specialized tasks, and is better able to devote time and resources to the function of managing people and the delivery of vital HR services to their employees. There are so many vital functions that an in-house HR department can provide, that it makes a great deal of sense to identify those services that can be outsourced to a third party.

Federal, state, and local regulations surrounding background checks and hiring practices are subject to change at any moment. To avoid costly lawsuits, employers must ensure that their employment background checks are carried out in a legal, respectful manner.

Many employers choose to trust their employment background screening to 3rd  parties, like Laborchex  because doing so brings them more legal immunity than they would have if they conducted background checks in-house.

 FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) legislation establishes legal immunity for employers that outsource background checks. This protection covers defamation, privacy invasion and hiring negligence lawsuits.

Background reports by their nature are sensitive and confidential, and by law, must be restricted to those individuals who are directly involved in the hiring process. To preserve confidentiality, a 3rd  party, like Laborchex  has policies and procedures in place to insure confidentiality and works with HRP’s assisting them in keeping these matters private.

Why Laborchex?

At Laborchex, we pride ourselves on offering background screening solutions that are instant, accurate, compliant, and comprehensive. To learn more, call 1-800-880-0366 or visit us at our website laborchex.com

Contributed by Ricky Rayborn of Laborchex.