Hiring in the Healthcare Industry

Protecting the Vulnerable (and Your Bottom Line)

In the current business world, risk management is more than a buzz word, it is one of the foundational pillars that make any business sustainable. Hiring in the healthcare industry is competitive and heavily regulated. At Laborchex, helping others avoid the pitfalls and risks involved in hiring and retaining safe employees is our mission.

In particular, Laborchex’s health care background screening solutions help verify whether an employee, contractor, or volunteer has a criminal or sex offender history. What is more, health organizations face strict government regulations and issues such as patient abuse, malpractice, and confidentiality of medical and insurance records, those in the healthcare industry are obviously charged with making background screening a high priority. Laborchex has a long history of serving the healthcare industry and our extensive current client portfolio includes hospitals, nursing homes, and home care agencies.

Our health care employment background screening solutions is second to none and include background checks on all types of employees and volunteers, such as physicians, registered nurses, nursing assistants, home health aides, occupational therapists, physical therapists, paramedics, and medical records technicians.

In addition to all this, Laborchex’s comprehensive portfolio of employment screening searches, verifications, and compliance tools include multi-jurisdictional criminal database (MJD) searches. These MJD searches benefit the healthcare industry with another layer of due diligence in the screening process and provides a fast and economical way to check specific aspects of an applicant’s identity, as well as a large number of criminal record databases to determine if the applicant has identity issues and/or a criminal history.

Special note: In the world of Healthcare providers who receive federal funding, all providers, employees, and contractors should be checked for sanctions, exclusions, and currency of practitioner license prior to employment or contracting, and then on a monthly basis. Laborchex’s FACIS  3 search includes continuous and monthly  employee  monitoring  on exclusions,  sanctions,  debarments  and  disciplinary actions  from 100 plus federal  sources  and  all  state  lists.  The FACIS  Level 3 search is  compliant with  The  U.S.  Department  of  Health and  Human  Services  Office  of  Inspector  General  (OIG)  Sanction  Screening  Regulations. 

Entities that are out of compliance can be subjected to civil monetary penalties, resulting in fines and possible debarment, and other liability issues, including potentially having any payments suspended or stopped completely.

In addition to the risk mitigation benefits we provide, our pre-employment background screening and regular post-hire screening, which, particularly in the healthcare industry, is beneficial to a health organization’s bottom line. Vetting talent for quality pre-hire lessens the heavy cost of attrition and onboarding. Post-hire screening keeps an organization’s workforce viable and in compliance.

About Laborchex Inc.:

Laborchex Inc. provides employment screening and drug testing services nationwide to a varying range of industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. Covering all 50 states including Canada, PR, Guam & US Territories. International criminal searches available upon request.

We specialize in utilizing a consultative approach to help our clients determine what products and services are best suited for our client’s unique needs. Our extensive experiences and expertise help our clients develop both employment background screening and drug testing programs that meets or exceeds the best practices for their industry.

At Laborchex, we pride ourselves on offering health care background screening solutions that are instant, accurate, comprehensive, and 100% FCRA compliant. To learn more, call 1-800-880-0366 or visit us at our website www.laborchex.com         

Contributed by Ricky Rayborn of Laborchex.