They Don’t Have to Be a Commercial Driver

Imagine this: You hire sales reps who are on the road making calls. The reps use their personal vehicles and pay for insurance. You reimburse these employees for some expenses.

One day, a rep runs a stop sign while texting on their cell phone and causes an accident in which the driver and passenger in the other car are seriously injured. The investigating
officer on the scene immediately learns that your employee has been driving with an expired, suspended, or revoked license.

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Many employers make the mistake of thinking that only commercial drivers or those who drive company vehicles need to have a driving record check when being considered for employment. That assumption is terribly wrong.

Even the receptionist who simply drives her own car to a restaurant to pick up lunch for everyone MUST have a valid license AND a driving record that meets the standards of your insurance carrier. It is vital that you check the driving record of anyone who will drive any vehicle for any business-related purpose.

At least once a year (required by federal law for commercial drivers), let us pull that driving record to ensure it is still valid and meets your needs. The authorization signed by your
applicants when first employed remains effective for the duration of their employment with you, so there is no need to get a new one.

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