Laborchex … Meeting Healthcare Providers Unique Hiring Needs

Laborchex assist hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living communities and healthcare staffing firms with meeting their unique hiring needs. This includes healthcare screening solutions built around industry best practices and HIPAA standards. This enables Healthcare providers to meet compliance requirements, remain protected from liability, and gain the best ROI from their employment screening program.

At Laborchex, we recommend that comprehensive background checks be conducted on all Healthcare employees including those in entry-level and temporary staff positions. This would include a search of county, state and national database records. These candidates should also be screened with sex offender registries.

We also offer the option to search the federal exclusion databases for people excluded from participation in Federal healthcare programs. This includes searching databases such as the Office of the Inspector General (OIG/GSA).

While physicians are not typically employed by hospitals, it’s important the hospitals and medical staff services departments conduct background checks on appointed physicians and allied health staff.

Performing a Criminal background check will fill in any potential gaps in credentialing search efforts and help to assure that those gaps do not present quality of care or safety concerns for Healthcare providers and its patients.”

Verification services are viewed as a critical step in our Healthcare screening process. Laborchex offers various verification services, Healthcare providers should especially consider verifying professional licenses and certifications, education, and employment history. These verifications ensure Healthcare providers can provide the best possible care to their patients.

While The Joint Commission requires that healthcare organizations conduct primary source license verifications on professional licensed staff, it’s equally important to go to the primary source when it comes to criminal searches.

It is against the law for any healthcare organization to employ or work with anyone who has been sanctioned. At Laborchex we use FACIS, the industry’s most comprehensive historical database of adverse actions for screening and monitoring health care providers to ensure compliance and protect against financial and reputational risk.

Last, but certainly not least. While healthcare organizations generally are not required to run ongoing background checks, they often do as part of their voluntary due diligence procedures and to mitigate their liability risk. According to a research report from. “ Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), nearly one in four healthcare organizations, social assistance organizations, nursing homes and EAP providers perform ongoing background checks”.

It’s important to remember that a background check represents a snapshot in time. What you find on an employee’s background check may be different one or two years from now. Having an ongoing background check policy can help protect Healthcare providers in the long-term, allowing these providers to keep an eye on their employees after the initial time of hire.

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Contributed by Ricky Rayborn of Laborchex.