LaborChex Inc. – Meeting Contractor’s Employment & Drug Screening Needs

The uncertain economy poses many challenges for the construction industry. As demand for new projects fluctuates, interest rates, material pricing, and insurance costs continue to rise. Contractor’s face obstacles in keeping up with changing technologies and industry regulations and hiring safe and reliable workers in a highly competitive marketplace. In addition to wanting a safe work environment, contractors want to minimize the risk of theft and fraudulent Worker’s Comp, and they can investigate these important factors with background screening for relevant histories.

Every Contractor needs a focused and legally compliant background screening program designed to identify the best potential employees while also minimizing the many damaging risks that are inherent in today’s demanding employment process. By combining personalized customer service and highest levels of technological sophistication and security. LaborChex helps Contractor’s meet their screening needs quickly and accurately at a price they can afford.

LaborChex offers more than 2,000 configuration options in an open platform with almost limitless integration and customization. The LaborChex platform helps automate Contractors screening process from order entry all the way to results, delivery, and billing. Contractors can log into the LaborChex platform, place orders, and retrieve results every hour of the day and every day of the year.

LaborChex allows contractors large and small to streamline both employment screening and drug testing services into one platform. This technology allows Contractors easy, seamless, and fast ordering capabilities. *IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CONTRACTORS OPERATING MULTIPLE SITES: LaborChex technology easily accommodates contractors who operate multiple sites/locations.

We keep it simple with no setup fees, no monthly dues, no long-term contracts, easy invoice billing/payment options, and only pay per report. 

To learn more, call 1-800-880-0366 or visit us at our website

Contributed by Ricky Rayborn of LaborChex