Knowing Your Potential Employee Is Half the Battle

Hiring employees with questionable backgrounds can end up costing your company a significant amount of money. You might end up hiring someone with drug abuse problems that lead to workplace issues, or you could face a negligent hiring lawsuit if your newly hired employee injures a co-worker on the job. You could also hire someone with a history of fraud without realizing it. Doing a background check on every prospective employee is the best way to avoid these potentially costly problems. There are several kinds of screenings that you can put these applicants through before determining whether or not to hire them.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks provide an effective method of finding out whether or not prospective employees have a criminal history. This information typically includes an individual’s history of arrests and any time spent in jail. Some companies make it a policy to perform a criminal background check on all prospective employees in order to provide a safe work environment for current employees or to lower the risk of theft, fraud or other crimes in the workplace. Criminal background checks are among the most important types of employee screenings that are available for safety and legal reasons.

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Drug Screening

Employees with a drug abuse problem can cause a number of problems for employers. They might put other employees at risk of injury due to carelessness, or they might end up with an excessive number of absences. Having an employee with a drug abuse problem in your workplace can also affect morale among employees in general, resulting in a decrease in productivity. Drug screenings, such as urine tests, can reveal whether or not prospective employees have a drug problem. Requiring these screenings can lower your company’s risk of hiring someone who abuses drugs.

Driving Records

Employees who will be operating a company vehicle should have their driving records checked. This type of background check shows any traffic violations that prospective employees have on their record, as well as the type of license they have and any suspensions or revocations that have occurred. Checking driving records is also recommended for prospective employees who will be working with certain kinds of machinery or equipment, since these records can show any past convictions of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Employment Verification

Do prospective employees really work for the employer they listed on their resume, and is all of the information they provided about that job correct? Employment verification can provide you with confirmation that applicants do work for the company listed. You can also verify other information they have provided, such as the length of time they have worked for the company and their job title.

Department of Transportation Verification

Prospective employees who will be operating commercial vehicles must undergo Department of Transportation (DOT) verification, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires. This verification should include driving record information from the past 3 years, including information on any collision they have been involved in and any alcohol or drug violations they have. This background check helps you stay in compliance with federal regulations while also ensuring that you’re hiring an employee who will drive safely and not put themselves and other drivers at risk.

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