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Everyone Else Needs a Background Check

Fortunately, when you think about the many thousands of churches, few are forced to experience the damaging consequences of poor and negligent hiring decisions. At LaborChex, we believe every church should check the backgrounds of all job applicants and volunteers. From childcare volunteers and janitors to administrators and pastors, unlawful and reprehensible acts committed by any of these people can cause terrible harm to our churches and significantly diminish our community standing.

Let’s look at some examples of worker categories:

All volunteers and daycare workers are often responsible for the most precious thing in your church: a child. Such individuals should have clear criminal records as well as clear driving records, due to the fact that there will be times when they might drive church or personal vehicles with children aboard. Note that this category also includes camp counselors and vacation Bible school teachers.

Administrative workers include teachers, secretaries, and accounts receivable/payable. Acquiring personal details (such as addresses or social security and checking account numbers), these workers are often entrusted with the handling of church funds including credit cards, investment accounts, etc. In addition to checking criminal records (and driving records, when appropriate), previous employment and education records should be verified. Employment credit reports should be obtained for applicants who will handle money or funds.

Support workers, such as janitors, kitchen workers, bus drivers, and maintenance personnel, require careful screening. Working on and around church property, these workers have direct contact with children.

It’s time to take immediate steps to minimize the chances of crime, theft, drug use, and sex offenses. To assist in this vital process, LaborChex is providing cost-effective background screening programs for all churches and religious institutions.