Hire The Right Person The First Time!!!

The primary goal of a hiring manager is to hire the right person, the first time. Most employers and hiring managers believe that they are doing so effectively. The truth is that many are not.

Hiring managers understand, past behaviors serves as the best predictor for future behaviors. One of the best ways for a hiring manager to determine the past behavior of an applicant is by doing a reference check and a background investigation on that person.

Reference checks and backgrounds checks are common screening tools used in the hiring process. Both methods are used to verify elements of a candidate’s application and work history.

  1. A reference check is when an employer contacts a job applicant’s previous employers, schools, colleges, and other sources to learn more about his or her employment history , educational background, and qualifications for a job.
  2. A background check is a more thorough investigation into a candidate’s background, including employment verification, criminal records checks and educational history reviews.

The reference check typically comes before a background check when an employer’s uses both approaches. Through careful use of the information provided by both checks an employer can greatly reduce potential legal and employee problems. Each of these checks are principal means of securing information from sources other than the applicants themselves.

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Contributed by Ricky Rayborn of Laborchex