Healthcare Organizations: Duty to Promote Patient and Employee Safety

The risks of hiring an individual with a criminal history is high for any organization but are especially high for healthcare organizations. Laborchex’s health care background screening solutions help verify whether a health care service provider, employee, or volunteer has a criminal or sex offender history.

Laborchex has a long history of serving the healthcare industry. Our clients include hospitals, nursing homes, and home care agencies. Our health care employment background screening solutions include background checks on all types of providers, employees, contractors, and volunteers, such as physicians, registered nurses, nursing assistants, home health aides, occupational therapists, physical therapists, paramedics, and medical records technicians.

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Laborchex’s health care employment background screening solutions include: CrimeChexPLUS, which is a fast and economical way to check aspects of an applicant’s identity, as well as a large number of criminal record databases to determine if the applicant has identity issues and/or criminal history a health care organization should be concerned about. It’s like ‘throwing a net’ over the U.S. (and around the world, to some degree) to see what you can catch. CrimeChexPLUS results for addresses and names are immediate. If the criminal record check portion is clear (‘no hits’), you will receive immediate notice.

The Net:

  1. National Multi-State and Instant Database Criminal Record Check
  2. State Level Department of Corrections (All States)
  3. Individual State Criminal Index Check (All States)
  4. Federal Bureau of Prison Record Search
  5. National Address Search
  6. Social Security Validation
  7. National Sex Offender Registry Search
  8. Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search
  9. Systemic Advocacy Management System (SAMS) Database (Pull)

Laborchex also provides a state criminal background searche, county court background searche, federal court background searche, sex offender registry searche, SSN trace, and address background search.  At Laborchex, we pride ourselves on offering health care background screening solutions that are instant, accurate, compliant, and comprehensive.

  1. Instant Results: After you place an order with us, you can expect results that are among the fastest in the industry; for example, the results for 46 of our state background searches are performed “instantly”, within minutes of completing the order form.
  2. Accurate: Our state-of-the-art technology provides faster (often instant) results from sources our competition can’t.
    1. Multiple easy to use methods of data and consent collection (Online, Mobile, ATS/HRIS System Integrations).
    2. Reduces paperwork and streamline employment processes across the health care system.
  3. Compliance: A big concern for the health care industry now more than ever.
    1. With complex legal requirements and regulations like those of the HIPPA, Medicare, Medicaid, EEOC, and FCRA make it hard for health care organizations to avoid trouble.
    2. Laborchex’s expertise and automation allows our clients to eliminate those concerns in their employment screening processes.
  4. Comprehensive Results: The comprehensive results we provide to our clients are a direct result of our relationships with a wide network of state and local government agencies, criminal background researchers, and public records data warehousing companies.

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Contributed by Ricky Rayborn of Laborchex.