Full-Service Background Check Companies vs. Do-It-Yourself Background Check Websites

The shark species as we know them have been around for about 400 million years; this means that they were dwelling the oceans when dinosaurs were roaming the land. Growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there is a saying: “We provoke a shark every time we get in the water where sharks happen to be. The ocean is not our territory – it is theirs.”

When choosing a background check service, the first question to ask is: Is this my territory? Do I know and understand the complex laws surrounding employee background screening? To avoid costly lawsuits, corporations must ensure that their employment background checks are carried out in a consistent, legal, and respectful manner. Do you and your organization have the legal expertise, time, and resources to thoroughly perform legally compliant employment background check’s?

At LaborChex, we believe outsourcing employment background screening results in lowered costs, improved outcomes, and improved legal protection for your business. When outsourcing employee background screening, there are two types of screening service options. The first is full-service background check companies, such as LaborChex, that perform all of the investigation work for you. The second option is Do-It-Yourself or “DIY” background check websites that provide instant results and allow you to conduct online searches on your own.

Q: Why should my business use a Full-Service Background Check Company like LaborChex vs. a “DIY” online option?

A: Full-Service Background Check Companies like LaborChex offer comprehensive screening solutions and do all of the research for you. LaborChex searches online databases and makes in-person courthouse visits to check for criminal history. We also verify past employment and education, as well as what we call “Take a Deep-Dive” into other areas of a candidate’s background. Pre-employment background check companies like LaborChex abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which governs how background checks must be conducted. This includes requiring the job candidate’s consent to conduct the background check while conducting a much more thorough and complete search than a website that provides instant results.

The “DIY” option is cheaper and faster, but not FCRA-compliant. “DIY” sites often provide incomplete or error-filled results and do not include education or employment verification services.

Q: Why choose LaborChex as your full-service background check company?

A: LaborChex has been in business since 1991. We have a legal compliance team assisting clients daily with FCRA and EEOC questions. We do not rely solely on information found online. We have teams of people that include independent investigators across the country that visit courthouses and contact past employers and educational institutions.

LaborChex uses a cloud-based system allowing employers direct integration, which means we can “embed” with a client’s HRMS ad ATS internal software for seamless and fast ordering and report management.

We have no account set-up fees, monthly dues, or minimum order requirements. Order a single-level of screening or many – there are discounts for bulk orders and easy invoice billing and payment options.

Many corporations trust their employment background screening to LaborChex because doing so brings them peace of mind as well as more legal immunity than they would have if they conducted background checks in-house. FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) legislation establishes legal immunity for companies that outsource background checks. This protection covers defamation, privacy invasion and hiring negligence lawsuits.

Just like there is great danger every time we get in the water where sharks happen to be, businesses are vulnerable to lawsuits and fines when they make employment decisions based off of inaccurate or incomplete information.