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More and more companies are doing pre-employment screening. To do that, they use background screening firms known as CRAs (consumer reporting agencies). Laborchex is defined as a “Consumer Reporting Agency” under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Title 15 U.S.C. §1681a (f) (FCRA). 

Laborchex provides each of our clients  a robust and scalable platform that is constantly evolving, our intelligent software talks to criminal databases, courthouse libraries, motor vehicle records, drug screening labs and federal agencies, while at the same time providing streamlined workflow management and powerful analytical tools.

Our platform is designed to allow clients to spend their time and resources growing their business. For a fraction of the cost of in-house IT,  Laborchex’s clients of all sizes can have a dynamic screening platform that’s always up to date and infinitely scalable.

We …

  1. Offer custom adverse action letters. Each Laborchex client has their own view of what should be included on the pre-adverse and adverse action letter. 

2. Choose the right county criminal vendor for  each client …  Not all data vendors are the same—they come with different turnaround times and prices. We have clients with a very high volume in one geographical area, and speed is important to them. In this case, we emphasis a little more for a vendor with quicker turnaround time. 

3. Remove unused fields. Sometimes less is more. When we have clients that only use certain fields or only orders certain products, make sure we are not cluttering their user interface with unnecessary information. 

4. Offer monthly criminal monitoring. Our clients … all sizes … in every industry imaginable  are finding more value in monitoring their workforce than ever. Offering our clients monthly monitoring reduces their risk of negligent hiring liability.

5. Customize the component order on client reports. It seems so simple, but it does make a big difference to each of our clients.

6. Reduce order entry time. Human resource professionals and recruiters are busy people. We save our clients in the order entry area. 

  1. Two quick and easy solutions to reduce data entry time include sending a link to the applicant, having him/her complete the order entry process, and uploading a batch file to our platform. 
  2. Having the applicant complete the data entry not only saves the HR department’s time but also reduces errors—who knows a candidate’s personal information better than the candidate? Batch ordering can also make entering multiple orders a breeze.

Our Service:

Our Promise – When you call, We pick up the phone. When you have a question, We give you an answer. When you need to know how to use a feature, We show you right on the spot. 

Laborchex offers an array of pre-employment screening and drug testing services. To learn more, call 1-800-880-0366 or visit us at our website www.laborchex.com.

Contributed by Ricky Rayborn of LABORCHEX.