Employees for the Long Haul: Screening in the Trucking Industry

Now more than ever, employment screening is crucial to success in today’s complex and ever-changing marketplace. In addition to zeroing in on the best and most qualified candidates, employment screening also helps your company to steer clear of legal issues related to job duties, accident and potential negligent hiring claims.

As we here at LaborChex are fond of saying, “In God we trust – everyone else gets their background checked.” The following are some of the top reasons employment screening is essential for each and every job candidate in your trucking enterprise:

High-Risk Job Elements

Associates in the truck driving field require a combination of skills and attributes that involve a higher degree of risk than most jobs. Truck drivers must have a good driving record, be free of substance abuse problems, and have a clear criminal history. If they will be managing high-value payloads, a check of their financial past may be in order.

Problems in any of these areas could severely impact their qualification for the job. Employment screening mitigates risk and helps employers to connect with this information efficiently. Companies can then hire with peace of mind, knowing they have connected with the best candidates for open positions.

Assistance with Compliance

Risk mitigation is key to a strong brand, reputation, and profit margin. Employment screening must be conducted using methodologies that are in compliance with current laws and regulations. Each state and municipality can vary widely in terms of screening practice rules and details.

At LaborChex, we stay up to date with the latest regulatory practices so that you don’t have to. We also provide you with the necessary outreach and tools you’ll need to stay on top of ever-evolving regulations.

Rapid Feedback About Each Candidate

You need qualified and efficient drivers on the road. Fortunately, technological innovations allow us to expedite your request and results faster than ever before. In many areas, real-time results will be available as well as communications between third parties if required. We also understand that the trucking industry tends to have high turnover rates coupled with periods of high demand. Because of this, rapid results and feedback are more crucial than in many other industries.

Continuous Monitoring

This is one of the top benefits of signing on with background screenings and pre-employment services from LaborChex. Instead of just one initial check before the worker is hired, we can continuously monitor each staff member throughout their tenure at your company. You will be immediately notified if any issues arise.

Seek Experience and Expertise

It takes time to build up a reputation of effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Employment screening and background checks can be complex, affected by industry-specific best practices, legal considerations and an evolving workforce and marketplace. With so many sectors and sub-sectors, the employment background screening company you choose should have a diverse experience in a range of sectors.

Whether you’re a hiring manager, safety supervisor, compliance officer or the company owner, effective hiring is a crucial consideration to the future of your company.

LaborChex has been a leader in the employment screening industry since 1991 and has extensive experience checking backgrounds for clients in the trucking industry. We know how important all of these facets of worker screening are to your enterprise, and you can trust us to combine the very best in technological innovation, secure practices, and personalized customer service all at a fair cost.