Criminals, Liars, and Cheats

Q: Have you ever hired any criminals, liars, or cheats?
A: You probably have!

If the legendary Walt Disney were still alive, his remarkable imagination could never conjure up half the stories we could tell you about the employment background screenings we complete on a daily basis.

Since 1991, LaborChex has successfully completed hundreds of thousands of background screenings to help businesses and organizations nationwide hire better workers while minimizing the many potentially damaging risks inherent in today’s demanding employment process.

We’ve learned that some job seekers, maybe more than you’d expect, will say anything to get a job because they believe no one will ever question the details they provide on their applications.

Some examples from our files:

  1. Trying to secure a position as a distribution manager, an applicant claimed he worked for a company for 4 years with a final salary of $58,000. LaborChex learned that he did work for 4 years, but in the warehouse as a forklift driver and only on weekends, earning $8.00/hr.
  2. Although he indicated he had never been convicted of a crime, an applicant who claimed he had lived only in Florida his entire life had a 2-page criminal record from Texas, including assault and drunk driving convictions.
  3. A commercial driver said he had never failed a drug test or had an accident, but the first previous employer contacted indicated violations of drug and alcohol policies under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Part 382.413. He also had 3 preventable accidents.
  4. An applicant claimed multiple college degrees from top universities like the University of Miami and Harvard, but LaborChex learned she had never attended college for a single day.
  5. To get a job at a telecommunications firm, an applicant said she had worked for a company “accepting electronic transmissions to complete customer service requests.” LaborChex discovered that she worked the drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant.

Every day, LaborChex background screening reports for clients nationwide reveal details about applicants who have damaging criminal records, suspended driver’s licenses, bogus employment and educational histories, etc. These applicants have usually chosen to purposely mislead you about their backgrounds, hoping you will offer them a job just because they showed up.

Q: What should you do?