Building a Better Workforce with Pre-Employment Screening

The Mississippi workforce has undergone a major shift in work ethics, values, expectations, and tolerance. The employee of just 5 years ago is very different than the employee of today. This new breed, the Emergent Employee, crosses all ages, races, genders, and geographies, and is quickly changing the way companies attract, select, develop, manage, and retain top talent.

At LaborChex, we believe that employment screening is an essential hiring and employee retention tool used to reduce the risks associated with the people who drive the success or failure of your company. A well-executed onboarding process not only decreases employee turnover rates in the short term, but it increases ramp up to productivity and creates stronger long-term employee commitment. This will help employers build a unique, high-energy team of like minds with a single purpose and uniform approach to do something special.

What Is Pre-Employment Screening?

Pre-employment screening is a component of the employee selection process that involves evaluating and verifying an applicant’s job-related qualifications and identifying potential hiring risks—the results of which can be used to make better hiring decisions. When performed correctly, background screening enlightens hiring decisions with a holistic view of an applicant’s past that is tempered by the risk profile and requirements of the job. This saves employers a great deal of time and money and helps them protect their organization and brand by helping them avoid a bad hiring decision.

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Although LaborChex believes building a better workforce with pre-employment screening is a good starting point for companies that want to improve or review their background screening practices, it is not a substitute for expert advice. We encourage you to seek appropriate professional advice for any specific issues that arise when you are designing, implementing, or reviewing your organization’s recruitment and selection process.

Reducing Turnover

According to a recent study, about 3,000,000 Americans quit their jobs every month, but not for reasons one may think. The top reasons include a poor onboarding experience, a lack of clarity surrounding job duties, unclear or unrealistic expectations, and a general lack of leadership.

One of the best ways to address these issues is pre-employment screening. The more an employer knows about a new employee’s background, the more he or she can predict about how the new employee will fit in at the company, and the more clarity he or she can provide about their expectations.

The Effect on Workers’ Compensation Spending

Pre-employment screening can also help address another significant pain point for many companies—workers’ compensation. Awareness of a potential employee’s work history can help predict future performance, in terms of both safety and quality of work. Considering that employers are responsible for the actions of their employees, pre-employment screening and ongoing employee monitoring should be integral parts of a company’s process.

Why LaborChex?

LaborChex Inc. has been on the leading edge of the employment screening industry for more than 25 years. Our comprehensive employment screening services are designed to quickly, easily, and accurately bring the right people into your organization. Using only quality data sources and maintaining the safety of personal identifying information ensures that you get the insight you need without unnecessary risks.