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Do you employ commercial drivers and need to verify their experience and driving record to ensure they are safe to place on the road? LaborChex can help!

If an applicant will be potentially operating a vehicle of any sort, it is imperative that you run a motor vehicle record (MVR) check on the applicant. Commercial drivers are one of the few job categories for which federal law requires specific background checks.

Our advanced employment pre-screening technology easily accommodates clients that operate multiple sites. We keep documentation of employer contacts for auditing purposes, and most driving records are available in minutes.

Our MVR monitoring program allows you to learn about driving violations if the applicant fails to disclose that information to you. Consultation from DOT specialists is also available for any purpose, including training and audit assistance.

LaborChex will help you hire a safer, more qualified and productive workforce while minimizing the risks inherent in today’s demanding employment process. We have been doing this since 1991 for clients nationwide, representing every industry imaginable.

Our employment pre-screening services provide:

  • Criminal history: local, state, federal, international
  • Driving records
  • Previous employment verification, including DOT requirements for commercial drivers
  • Confirmation of education
  • Verification of professional credentials
  • Worker’s compensation records

Contact LaborChex today to ensure that the drivers you place on the road will represent your company in a positive and safe manner.