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LaborChex Reports

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Each LaborChex Background Investigation Report (BIR) is accompanied by an Executive Summary cover sheet.

The Executive Summary is designed to provide you:

  • Identity of the applicant
  • Identity of the client requesting background screening
  • Types of screenings requested (Report Type)
  • Brief rundown of details (Description)
  • Level of completion (Status)

The Status column of a completed investigation includes one of two notations:

Research Complete
This indicates that the level of screening ordered has been completed, and does not indicate any ALERTS.

This indicates that details confirmed by LaborChex did not match those provided by the applicant. Also, any information that would generally be considered “negative” is designated as an ALERT. ALERT information will be listed directly under the Executive Summary.

Examples of Alerts:

  • Applicant has a felony conviction or is under indictment for assault.
  • Applicant’s driver’s license is suspended or lists a DUI.
  • Applicant claims a college degree but none was earned.
  • Applicant’s professional license is expired.
  • Details confirmed about previous employment do not match those provided.
  • A reference gives a negative comment about the applicant.

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