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Are you a Human Resources Consultant or a member of an HR-related organization looking for a product to recommend that complements your existing services while allowing you to make lifetime residuals? By offering LaborChex Pre-employment Background Screening Services to your clients and prospects, you can earn a percentage of gross receipts for all orders the client places. No financial commitment required to participate.

LaborChex offers 5 types of Partnerships:

Referral Partnerships are developed between LaborChex and your sales representatives on the field level. LaborChex looks to expand its business contacts. Referral Partnerships allow sales representatives, HR consultants, and organizations looking for Human Resource Services to recommend to clients prospects that complement their existing services and generate “recurring revenue.” By offering LaborChex Pre-Employment Background Screening Services to clients and prospects, you will earn a percentage of gross receipts for all orders the client places.

Integration Partnerships increase revenue to our Strategic Partners by offering National Employment Screening seamlessly via a client’s/organization’s existing user interface. Integrated partners capture pertinent information during the application process directly.

Private Label Partnerships are available for our Strategic Partners looking to add Employment Screening Services to complement their existing offerings allowing them to exponentially increase revenue. Private Label partners own the client relationship as LaborChex works behind the scenes to process orders and provide operational support.

Mutual Referral Partnerships allow each Party who has an established Referral Program to compensate the other, add value for current clients, increase targeted exposure, and enhance the reputations of both companies.

Affinity Partnerships are available to Associations who endorse LaborChex as their preferred provider of background screening services. The Association will earn a significant percentage of every report purchased by their dues-paying memberships, paid to the Association via a monthly royalty.

Partner Benefits:

Regardless of which type of partnership you pursue, all of our partners can anticipate:

  • Additional revenue
  • Value added services for clients
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Ability to offer clients an opportunity to cost-justify the hiring process and add to their bottom-line profitability

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