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Financial Institutions

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Are you a financial institution seeking qualified employees to ensure accuracy and honesty to your customers? LaborChex can help!

A standardized pre-employment background screening process will reduce turnover by verifying that the potential employee has the requisite skills, certification, license, or degree for the position; deter theft and embezzlement; and prevent litigation over hiring practices. At LaborChex, we provide fast FDIC and other agency sanction checks, employment credit reports, and employment, education, and state license verification.

LaborChex will help you and your institution develop an effective pre-employment background screening process. This process can be an effective risk-management tool by providing management with a degree of certainty that the information provided by the applicant is true and correct, and that the potential employee does not have a criminal record.

Our staff can easily accommodate the needs of multiple branches and managers to make order and report receipts simple and seamless. When your financial institution decides to run background checks on its applicants, let LaborChex provide you with the best and most thorough checks.

We provide:

  • Criminal history: local, state, federal, international
  • Driving records
  • Previous employment verification, including D.O.T. requirements for commercial drivers
  • Confirmation of education
  • Verification of professional credentials
  • Workers’ compensation records

The pre-employment background screening process can assist management in the hiring of qualified applicants, while simultaneously reducing turnover, deterring fraud, and avoiding litigation.

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