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Drug Screening

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We offer pre-employment drug screening to all businesses at competitive pricing. With collection locations in all 50 states and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Guam, and Puerto Rico, LaborChex’s collection network offers convenient options to any organization, anywhere.

LaborChex works with clients to streamline their testing and screening programs. LaborChex’s primary drug testing solution is urine collection and analysis, which is the most common type of testing for a screening, but LaborChex offers alternative testing methods as well.

In-depth screening does not mean an organization should sacrifice turnaround. LaborChex also offers the E-Screen electronic drug testing solution, which gives LaborChex the capability to provide near-instant negative screening results, often in less than an hour after collection.

Drug Testing Features:

  • Electronic registrations
  • Lab-based testing
  • Near-instant testing results
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Extensive collection site network
  • Webinar training for new clients
  • On-site collection services
  • Policy development
  • Substance Abuse Professional Network
  • Supervisor, employee, and collector training
  • Random Test Scheduling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • HR System integration

There is a specialized employment verification required of commercial drivers, and federal law requires that specific background screenings must be completed for these positions, including verification of previous employment and drug/alcohol testing.

LaborChex can bundle your drug testing and employment screening searches for additional cost savings. Please contact LaborChex for more details.