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Department of Transportation Employment Verification

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There is a specialized employment verification required of commercial drivers, and federal law requires that specific background screenings must be completed, including verification of previous employment and drug/alcohol testing.

DOT Employment Verification:

Commercial drivers working under the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and the Maritime Administration fall under the Department of Transportation (DOT), whose regulations require mandated driving and other record checks.

LaborChex provides mandated background checks and driving record verifications, DOT Employment Verifications, and Drug and Alcohol Testing for those in the trucking and transportation industry.

The DOT employment verification is a more detailed investigation of a candidate’s employment history as a driver and details specific information from the past 3 years. DOT employment verifications must be completed within 30 days of the candidate being hired, per the U.S. Department of Transportation.

LaborChex Will Verify:

  • Company Name
  • Position
  • Dates of Employment
  • Type of Driver (Tractor-Trailer, Tanker, Van, Flat Bed, Hazmat, Other)
  • Type of Driving (Over the Road, Local, Both)
  • If the candidate ever refused a drug or alcohol test
  • If the candidate every failed a drug or alcohol test
  • If there was ever an accident, and if there was, the details of the accident, including the date and whether the accident was preventable and DOT reportable

*NOTE: The Department of Transportation requires a DOT Employment Verification from the past 3 years for all commercial drivers.

Contact LaborChex for DOT Employment Verification to see if your commercial drivers meet these requirements.