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Criminal Records Search

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Your applicant’s past is a good indicator of his/her future at your company. To avoid hiring dangerous and inappropriate people, contact LaborChex for a criminal background check to determine if your applicants have damaging records.

The following five research methods are available:

County Court Record Searches:

The most accurate source of information available on a local level. Our researchers perform a live, hands-on records search at county court houses. The information contained in these files is the most current available, including arrests and pending cases.

State Records:

Not available in all states. While we encourage a state record search, we can only obtain records that have been reported and are available. Because state databases are not updated regularly and/or not all information is transferred from the courts, we strongly advise our clients to use this in conjunction with the county search.

Federal Records:

Records are available in all federal districts. These records are for violations of federal law that are prosecuted in a federal court. They include, for example, bank robbery, interstate drug trafficking, mail fraud, securities fraud, certain types of firearm violations, and crimes committed on federal property.

Nationwide Criminal Record Index:

A good auxiliary criminal records search to the State and County levels. The nationwide search, while not comprehensive (as not all locations are required to report findings to this database), may pick up records from geographical locations where your applicant may have been but did not inform you of. The usefulness of the NCRI lies in its “shotgun” approach, and any results found should be followed up by a physical court search on the county level.


CrimeChexPlus is a fast and economical way to check aspects of an applicant’s identity, as well as a large number of criminal record databases (including sex offender status) to determine if he/she has identity issues and/or criminal histories you should be concerned about. A Multi-Database Address, SSN, Name, and Criminal Record Check that is like “throwing a net” over the U.S. (and around the world, to some degree) to see what you can catch. In addition to the criminal databases checked, it verifies the validity of the applicant’s Social Security Number (but is NOT a substitute for federal E-Verify authentication), and provides address and name details going back 1-25 years.

*NOTE: Your LaborChex professional will help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective employment screening service for each applicant. Some states provide a check of an individual’s criminal history throughout the entire state. For states that do not provide a state-wide check, the court records in towns, cities, and counties are checked.

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