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Professional License Check

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Each year, thousands of positions are filled with candidates that have embellished their resume and falsified documents. Many industries require employees to have specific certifications or current memberships. Professional License Checks allow you to comply with regulations while protecting your organization from dishonest individuals.

Verification of a professional license claim is essential when a prospective employee will be in a position that requires such a license. We recommend Professional License Verification for any Comprehensive Background Check involving a license claim. Professional License Checks may be included in an employer’s screening package or ordered individually, on an as-needed basis.

Why Do Professional License Verifications?
It is important to verify professional license claims when the prospective employee will be in a position that requires such a license or when an applicant claims to have a license. This search also identifies any restrictions or violations associated with the license. This search is a valuable honesty check and helps protect the employer from negligent hiring claims.

LaborChex will contact the licensing agency and will provide verification of a subject’s license, status, date of issue, renewal, and expiration dates, and any disciplinary action if available. Contact LaborChex today to learn more.