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Volunteer Screening

At LaborChex, we’re giving back to our communities with affordable Volunteer Screening packages (hereafter Volunteer Chex). Volunteer Chex is tailored to meet the needs of volunteer, charity, and nonprofit organizations. Now you can screen your volunteers and employees just as thoroughly as our corporate clients do.

Problems that occur in a house of worship can have harmful effects, both physically and emotionally, on the victim of misconduct and an adverse effect on the entire organization and its reputation. If an incident happens when a child, youth, or adult is in the care of a volunteer, charity, or nonprofit organization, the impact on both the victim and the organization can be emotionally, financially, and legally devastating.

The volunteer, charity, or nonprofit organization is liable for what happens in and on its premises and may be the target of law suits. By implementing Volunteer Chex, an organization can significantly decrease the likelihood that misconduct will occur and demonstrate that the organization has acted with reasonable care to select appropriate staff and volunteer workers.


A screening procedure is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for organizations. Establishing a screening procedure for volunteers is a small price to pay to protect organizations from employees and volunteers who exhibit inappropriate or illegal behavior. Performing screening and reference checks may very well deter high-risk individuals from applying for positions in a volunteer, charity, or nonprofit capacity by identifying those applicants with a history of inappropriate conduct.

Volunteer screening via Volunteer Chex is an extremely important administrative process and requires continued accountability and dialogue by a number of volunteer, charity, and nonprofit organizations’ leadership. It should be a continuing process from year to year.

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Clients have three ways they can request all levels of employment screening checks:

  1. Designated and approved personnel can use the LaborChex website. By entering a secure Username and Password, they can order all levels of screening quickly and easily. A client may have as many Users as needed. Each User must have his/her own Username and Password. Clients operating multiple sites are easily accommodated with LaborChex technology. Such clients can have each location order independently or in conjunction with each other. NOTE: When using the website to order screenings, clients must electronically acknowledge that they have a release signed by the applicant in their possession. Users will periodically be asked to change their passwords for security purposes.
  2. Orders can be faxed to LaborChex at (800)844-2722. These orders must include a copy of the release signed by the applicant granting permission to conduct the screening.
  3. Orders can be emailed.


Clients also have several ways they can receive/review employment screening results:

  1. Designated and approved personnel can use the LaborChex website. By entering a secure Username and Password, they can review results for applicants in process as well as those for applicants whose screening process has been completed. Results will always be posted on the LaborChex website under the client’s company or organization name, and can be printed from the site.
  2. Results can be emailed. Emailed report options include Final Reports Only, Report Updates, and Alerts. Most clients prefer to be emailed with results when they are completed. Results can be sent to number of persons designated to receive them.
  3. Results can be faxed. Faxed report options can include Final Reports Only, Report Updates, and Alerts. Faxes can be sent to any number of persons designated to receive them.
  4. Results can be mailed. Clients using this method usually request only Final Reports.
  5. Any combination of the above methods can be used.

*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CLIENTS OPERATING MULTIPLE SITES: LaborChex technology easily accommodates clients who operate multiple sites/locations. Clients have a variety of options to choose from regarding the placement of orders, access to results, and billing.