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Are you a staffing agency looking to maintain a positive reputation of providing qualified candidates to the companies you work with? LaborChex can help!

As workforce experts, we understand the importance of contingent employees in helping organizations balance scheduling challenges and labor costs. Today’s staffing industry is comprised of a diverse group of companies that place individuals into temporary, contract, and permanent positions. Each of these companies must protect their reputation by screening their applicants and meeting the demands of their individual clients.

LaborChex believes that before assigning a temporary or full-time employee to a client’s permanent payroll, it is imperative to check the employee’s background for criminal history. We offer an advanced web-based system, allowing staffing firms to get their applicants placed faster; in many cases, clients have access to results instantly.


The LaborChex platform saves staffing clients time and money with an automated process that captures information. This process allows you to send numerous applicants the information for their screening quickly via email or from a link on the LaborChex platform and includes many customization options.

FastChex is a powerful tool for staffing companies and simplifies the screening process for staffing industry employers that have high volumes.

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