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Volunteer Screening for Coaches, Referees, and Other Sports Volunteers

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Youth and amateur sports participation is a great way for young people to build character and learn valuable life skills. Unfortunately, as so many news stories often remind us, organizations running youth sports programs can also be attractive to dangerous individuals in search of young victims. Because of the age and vulnerability of many participants, it’s imperative that all athletes and participants are guaranteed a safe and secure environment, free of physical, sexual, or psychological harm.

Volunteer Chex performs background checks on youth coaches, referees, facility crew, and other sports volunteers. We work with organizations of all sizes to build screening programs that are comprehensive while also remaining cost-efficient and fast.

Volunteer Chex regularly provides background checks for youth coaches and other volunteers working with:

  • Youth Sports Organizations
  • Olympic Training Facilities
  • Coaching & Referee Associations
  • Amateur Sports Leagues

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