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Volunteer Screening for Social and Human Service Workers

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Social and human service organizations work with some of the most fragile and at-risk populations, including the elderly, the homeless, low-income families, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, and those fighting drug and alcohol addiction.

If your organization is serving these populations in need or working with a government agency aimed at helping the less fortunate, you simply cannot risk exposing your staff or those you serve to someone with questionable character. Any kind of incident not only puts your people in danger, but also can dramatically undermine your organization’s reputation and mission.

Volunteer Chex provides background checks for social and human service organizations including:

  • Domestic Violence Shelters & Services
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers
  • Food Pantries & Soup Kitchens
  • Homeless Shelters & Halfway Houses
  • Public Housing & Low-Income Assistance
  • Retirement Homes & Hospice Care

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