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Sample Reports

Each Laborchex Background Investigation Report (BIR) is accompanied by an Executive Summary cover sheet. The Executive Summary is designed to provide you with the following basic information:

  • Identity of the applicant.
  • Identity of the client requesting background screening.
  • Types of screenings requested (Report Type).
  • Brief rundown of details (Description).
  • Level of Completion (Status).

The Status column of a completed investigation will always include one of two notations:
1. Research Complete: This indicates that the level of screening ordered has been completed, and does not indicate any ALERTS.
2. Alert: This indicates that details confirmed by LaborChex did not match those provided by the applicant. Also, any information that would generally be considered “negative” is designated as an ALERT. ALERT information will be listed directly under the Executive Summary.

Examples of Alerts:

  • Applicant has a felony conviction or is under indictment for assault.
  • Applicant’s driver’s license is suspended or lists a DUI.
  • Applicant claims a college degree but none was earned.
  • Applicant’s professional license is expired.
  • Details confirmed about previous employment do not match those provided by the applicant.
  • A reference gives a negative comment about the applicant.
View a LaborChex Executive Summary (page 1).
View a LaborChex sample Executive Summary (page 1)
View a LaborChex Executive Summary (page 2).
View a LaborChex sample Executive Summary (page 2)


Criminal Investigation

To avoid hiring dangerous and inappropriate people, call LaborChex to determine if your applicants have damaging criminal records, regardless of where they have lived or worked. The results for these criminal checks are almost instantaneous. Our Crimechex Plus employment screening product checks a variety of database records throughout the U.S. to uncover the backgrounds of your applicants. Turnaround times vary from instantly to 72 hours. Criminal records vary from state to state and may include the following:

  • Misdemeanor and felony convictions and charges
  • Arrests by local, county, state, and federal agencies
  • Incarceration details
  • Probation and parole details
    Note: Your LaborChex professional will help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective employment screening service for each applicant. Some states provide a check of an individual’s criminal history throughout the entire state. For states that do not provide a state-wide check, the court records in towns, cities, and counties are checked.

    View a LaborChex sample Criminal Investigation report
    View a LaborChex sample Criminal Investigation report

    Department of Transportation Employment Verification

    There is a specialized employment verification required of commercial drivers, and federal law requires that specific background screenings must be completed, including verification of previous employment and drug/alcohol testing. Call LaborChex for employment screening services to see if your commercial drivers meet these requirements.

    View a LaborChex sample DOT Employment Verification report
    View a LaborChex sample DOT Employment Verification report

    Motor Vehicle Record

    Whether your employees drive a company 18-wheeler or a personal sedan on business, they need to have a valid driver’s license that meets the standards of your insurance carrier. LaborChex can obtain current reports to ensure that your drivers are safe and reliable. We also have programs to check the status of an employee’s license. These checks are beneficial for any of your drivers, regardless of responsibilities. A motor vehicle record (MVR) check through LaborChex is your best protection against potentially hiring someone who could end up costing your company millions of dollars. MVRs from most states provide:

  • License status: valid, suspended, or revoked
  • Convictions and dates: DUI and all moving violations
  • License class: issue and renewal dates
  • Accident involvement
  • State in which license was previously held

    View a LaborChex sample Motor Vehicle report
    View a LaborChex sample Motor Vehicle report

    National Address Search and Social Security Validation

    Uncover an applicant’s hidden past by calling on LaborChex to identify important details which may have been intentionally omitted from an application or left out due to lapse of memory. This check can also quickly detect applicants who have deliberately provided an inappropriate or invalid social security number. This report will tell you where the applicant has used his/her social security number over the last 25 years to apply for and establish credit, declare bankruptcy, attend school, obtain utility service, etc. It can help identify fraudulent use of another person’s SSN, and it will list other names that might have been used by the applicant. Results are typically available in under a minute.

    View a LaborChex sample Address/Name Search report
    View a LaborChex sample Address/Name Search report

    Employment Verification

    You should not hire someone without verifying this essential information first. Contact LaborChex to verify previous employment history with your applicants. Once we receive your order and signed release form, a LaborChex professional will contact previous employers and higher education officials. This process will provide you with valuable insights to the applicant’s work and school records. LaborChex will be able to uncover their job title and time period, salary history, performance evaluations, and the reason for leaving/termination. Our investigators contact educational institutions to confirm graduation, degrees, certificates earned, classes taken, and more. These reports will show a comparison of the details provided and what was revealed in the investigation.

    View a LaborChex sample Employment Verification report (page 1)
    View a LaborChex sample Employment Verification report (page 1)
    View a LaborChex sample Employment Verification report (page 2)
    View a LaborChex sample Employment Verification report (page 2)

    Education and Transcript Verification

    When it comes to finding out whether or not an applicant is telling the truth about a degree they obtained, call LaborChex. Was it a trade school or a major university? Did they really earn a Master’s, or only a few credits? We can help you reveal the truth with educational transcripts to confirm courses taken and dropped, GPA, credit hours, and class standing.

    View a LaborChex sample Education and Transcript Verification report
    View a LaborChex sample Education and Transcript Verification report

    Credential Check

    Don’t waste your time screening an applicant if they do not have the correct licenses and credentials. You can count on LaborChex to confirm existence and validity of licenses and credentials for professionals, such as doctors, nurses, insurance and real estate agents, teachers, CPAs, and attorneys.

    View a LaborChex sample Credential Check report
    View a LaborChex sample Credential Check report

    Business and Personal References

    Whenever an applicant provides references with their application, call LaborChex to handle contacting these references. LaborChex investigators contact references with customized questions about their relationship with the applicant and his or her personal and professional reputation and activities. This screening service is valuable when an applicant indicates “self employed” or if you would be their first employer.

    View a LaborChex sample Reference Check report
    View a LaborChex sample Reference Check report

    Employment Credit Report

    If your employees will be handling cash, securities, payroll, or bank deposits, contact LaborChex to run a credit check on any employees or applicants. In addition to pointing out credit histories, bankruptcies, and other details, this report can also provide information about previous addresses and employment, dates of employment and wage details, civil suits, and other information of public record.

    Note: It is a violation of federal law and the LaborChex client service agreement to order and use this employment screening credit report for any other purpose than background screening. Please learn about your state’s law regarding the use of credit reports in the employment process. A simple site inspection conducted by an independent third party may be required in order for LaborChex to provide credit reports to a client. There is a minimal extra cost involved for this non-intrusive site inspection.

    Note: To comply with federal laws as outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a LaborChex release must be signed by the applicant to obtain a credit report. There are also very specific regulations regarding the use of credit reports for employment screening.

    View a LaborChex sample Credit report (page 1)
    View a LaborChex sample
    Credit report (page 1)
    View a LaborChex sample Credit report (page 2)
    View a LaborChex sample
    Credit report (page 2)
    View a LaborChex sample Credit report (page 3)
    View a LaborChex sample
    Credit report (page 3)

    Workers’ Compensation Check

    Injuries at the workplace cost businesses and organizations billions of dollars every year. Federal law does allow employers to check for workers’ compensation details and claims, but only under specific guidelines. According to federal law, this level of employment screening can only be ordered after a job offer has been made or a person has been hired. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) forbids employers from discriminating against an applicant based on previous job-related injuries and/or past health problems. If you decide you want to run a worker’s compensation check on someone, LaborChex is here to help you. When available, reports can include:

  • Date, cause, nature, extent of injury
  • Employer identification
  • Insurance carrier and disposition
  • Length of hospital stay
  • Total days off job
  • Return date
    Note: Not all states release worker’s compensation reports. States providing information differ in the information that they offer. Some states release details to court-appointed representatives or those requesting information for court cases. Your LaborChex professional will be pleased to to help you review the intricacies of this screening service.

    View a LaborChex sample Workers' Comp report
    View a LaborChex sample Workers’ Comp report

    I-9 solution and E-Verify Solution

    In the United States, as part of on-boarding a new employee, you must ensure that all the required paperwork is properly completed and submitted. In addition to the various tax, insurance, and internal set-up forms, a crucial part of this early workload is the employee’s employment eligibility verification.

    Laborchex Inc. offers an electronic Form I-9 solution and E-Verify solution designed to help make this aspect of your on-boarding process as easy as possible. The Laborchex Inc. solution takes what has traditionally been a laborious paper-based process and transformed it into an intuitive online one where you can create, view, download, store, and print I-9 forms via a dedicated web-based portal. The Laborchex Inc. solution:

  • Meets U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements
  • Promotes compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • Helps you better manage your Form I-9 and employment eligibility program
  • Can be integrated with the Laborchex Inc. employment screening platform
    To help you easily comply with employment eligibility verification requirements, the Laborchex Inc. I-9 Solution includes integrated instant employment eligibility verification through E-Verify. Our electronic Form I-9 solution features automated error checking, which helps with accurate form completion – necessary in the face of potentially costly fines for even unintended errors. And in the case of an audit, the Laborchex Inc. I-9 Solution offers an audit trail, management reports, a dashboard, and an electronic signature feature – all of which helps alleviate the burden of what can be a time-consuming experience.

    Manage Employment Eligibility Efficiently and in Compliance

    Laborchex Inc.’s Electronic Form I-9 Solution is an efficient way to help manage completion and storage of the Form I-9, an Employment Eligibility Verification requirement for new hires in the U.S. The solution transforms manual procedures into an automated online process with electronic forms and documents, e-signatures and audit trails.

    For organizations who are still transitioning to digital, the Laborchex Inc. I-9 Solution also handles paper forms which can be uploaded in PDF format either individually or in batch. Both digital and paper I-9s, are then stored in a single location and are easily accessible for administrative purposes or in the event of an audit. Key Benefits:

  • Streamline and enhance your I-9 program
  • Facilitate I-9 and E-Verify compliance
  • Use E-Verify to Confirm Employment Eligibility Instantly
    Download Data Sheet

    Laborchex Inc. I-9 Solution Benefits

    Laborchex Inc.’s I-9 Solution satisfies U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements related to the electronic creation, signature, retention and security of the Form I-9. This paperless process enables you to create, view, download, store and print the Form I-9, as well as run management reports on-demand. Built-in tools such as automated error checking help you complete forms accurately and promote compliance.

    Other benefits include:

  • Improve accuracy of Form I-9 completion
  • See an audit trail that includes if/when a form was modified and by whom
  • Annotate when forms are updated or modified
  • Help ensure timely re-verifications through alerts
  • Promote compliance with changing legislation