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Hospitality and Food Service

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Due to the fact that these industries experience large amounts of turnover, it’s understandable that background checks and other pre-employment vetting methods might be skipped over or pushed to the back burner. To ensure that you are hiring valuable employees, though, it is beneficial to run background checks on these applicants so that you don’t potentially hire someone that is detrimental to your business.

We provide instant searches that allow you to compare stated work history with actual residency details to ensure honesty in the application process. We can pull criminal records that identify theft, drug use, harassment of fellow workers, and more. Along with criminal records, we can pull credit reports for managers, AR/AP personnel, regional directors, and salespeople, as well as driving records.

LaborChex, Inc. will help you hire a safer, more qualified and productive workforce while minimizing the risks inherent in today’s demanding employment process. We have been doing this since 1991 for clients nationwide, representing every industry imaginable.

Our pre-employment vetting provides:

  • Criminal history: local, state, federal, international
  • Driving records
  • Previous employment verification, including D.O.T. requirements for commercial drivers
  • Confirmation of education
  • Verification of professional credentials
  • Worker’s compensation records