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Employment Credit Report

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If your employees will be handling cash, securities, payroll, or bank deposits, contact LaborChex to run a credit check on any employees or applicants as part of your employment screening process. In addition to pointing out credit histories, bankruptcies, and other details, this report can also provide information about previous addresses and employment, dates of employment and wage details, civil suits, and other information of public record.

Note: It is a violation of federal law and the LaborChex client service agreement to order and use this employment screening credit report for any other purpose than background screening. Please learn about your state’s law regarding the use of credit reports in the employment process. A simple site inspection conducted by an independent third party may be required in order for LaborChex to provide credit reports to a client. There is a minimal extra cost involved for this non-intrusive site inspection.

Note: To comply with federal laws as outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a LaborChex release must be signed by the applicant to obtain a credit report. There are also very specific regulations regarding the use of credit reports for employment screening.