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CrimeChexPlus is a fast and economical way to check aspects of an applicant’s identity as well as a large number of criminal record databases to determine if that applicant has identity issues and/or criminal history you should be concerned about. It’s like ‘throwing a net’ over the U.S. (and around the world, to some degree) to see what you can catch.

The Net:

  1. National Multi-State and Instant Database Criminal Record Check
  2. Individual State Criminal Index Check (All States)
  3. Federal Bureau of Prison Record Search
  4. National Address Search
  5. Social Security Validation
  6. National Sex Offender Registry Search
  7. Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search
  8. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Search

In addition to the criminal databases checked, it verifies the validity of the applicant’s Social Security Number (but is NOT a substitute for federal E-Verify authentication) and provides name and address details going back 1-25 years. Databases vary in content.